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There is a lot of information out there about posting backlinks across the internet in order to gain high search engine rankings for high traffic keywords. A lot of it is not very accurate.

Many will tell you that backlinks posted on sites not related to your niche do you no good as Google doesn’t give as much weight to non-relevant backlinks.

Is this true?

I would say this is as phony as the no follow backlink myth, the duplicate content penalty myth and bigfoot all rolled into one!

Pretty strong words,I admit but the only thing we are talking about here are results, and not what people that are supposedly ‘In The Know’ post on their blogs and in forum posts.

Frequently these so-called experts are really engaging in a bit of misdirection designed to keep you from utilizing resources that are finite in nature. For instance:

If you subscribe to the theory, then the sites you get in Angela Edwards monthly backlink package will rarely be of any value to you, as they are in a very wide variety of niches and would rarely match up with whatever site you are working to promote.

But Angela is selling literally thousands of these packages each and every month. Do you think that those thousands of people are shelling out five clams a month and not getting anything out of it? Are they that stupid that they aren’t noticing that the backlinks they post are doing them no good at all because the sites aren’t relevant?

Nope! Not a chance. take a look at the testimonials she gets in forums. These sites are gold as they have high pagerank and she tells you exactly where to post your backlinks for maximum effect.

And what about article backlinks?

Will a backlink in your resource box do any good if it has nothing to do with your article? I’ve seen article writers put a call to action in their resource box and then post something like:

Here is an interesting site: RANDOM LINK

If things like this didn’t work to get backlinks that improved the search engine rankings for the sites backlinked to, then tools like Brute Force SEO and even some of the content posted by seo tool suites like SE Nuke would be worthless.

As I said before, all we are talking about here are results and not trying to evangelize others into one or another SEO philosophy. So please, don’t even take my work for any of this. Go forth, backlink and find out for yourself.

What works, is what gets your site to the top SERP spots for your keywords. And most of what information is out there telling you something doesn’t work is telling you that to stop you from trying it yourself and finding that it does.

Prove me wrong! I’d love it…

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