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All website owners want a high page rank, but find it almost impossible to achieve this. Below are a few simple steps on how to gain valuable backlinks to your website to get a high page rank.

You have more than one options, you paid and free backlinks. Paid backlinks obviously most, usually a monthly fee. The benefits of paid backlinks outweigh the benefits of free backlinks, this is due to the fact you do not need to do any research to find the backlinks and dofollow links.

Step 1

You can find other websites through Google which will allow you to add links that are dofollow. Although this is not easy and takes a large amount of time. This can be done through searching within the page source and viewing links to check if they are dofollow or not follow, this is a very slow and tedious way of gaining a high page rank for your website.

Step 2

The easiest way to gain valuable links would be to purchase a backlink package, this will cut down on research time. Backlink packages are generally a package that is sent out monthly to your desired email address for a fixed price.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you purchase backlinks as it gives you more time to concentrate on doing other SEO tasks to get a high page rank.  The majority of the packages give an in-depth guide on how to successfully post your links to allow google to index them.

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