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passed into a state of coma, from which it did not recover, death taking

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a petition to James II, asking that control be established over the

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been urged that University Extension lectures advertise the Univer-

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canal. but never descending beyond the ex- 1 ceding day, he had been attacked with

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he clearly proved, against the lively and historical opposition of Liebig,

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cian encountered a patient who was having episodes of

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25th of October, with the almost unlooked for result of complete recovery.

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and it is the opinion of practitioners generally that it admirably fulfills this function.

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mice resisted infection when inoculated subcutaneously.

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give way under the influence of the insane, however. This in-

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their own selfish ends. If this be so, I do not know it. If you look at the

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die on the ninth or tenth. When the virus has reached this degree of

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is the great channel of infection ; the alimentary tract is rarely

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pathognomonic sign ; the indrawing of a single rib would perhaps be

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firm and thick eschars (dead portions of skin), which are quite insensible;

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end of the operation. Gastrostomy is the best way whereby

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of quotidian types was prevalent even before the parasite of malaria was discovered,

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lowed tract into bladder. The peritoneum was not entered in

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ly years ago, before unemia was as much understood as now. The

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as scoliosis, round shoulders, flat foot and allied affections, coxa

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be carefully examined some of the parasites are sometimes

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Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine — Gastroenterology

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To a student who has l)een at Paris, one of the chief features of

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of it without a thorough knowledge of its principles, and a faithful

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1867 William Ainslie Hollis, M.B. Cantab., 14, Tolmers^

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absurd ; my experience on former occasions, however, determined me

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with his friend Dr George Anderson of the Medical Society, Dr

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suffering ; the other attacking the orderlies ) in the absence of direct proof to the contrary,

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{Laugenessenz), in 1 by corrosive sublimate, in 1 by prussic

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dual progression, as is finely demonstrated by Tiedemann in his

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after extirpation of this organ ; but this symptom (emaci-

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malariii. Gaz. med. da Bahia, 1896-7, 4. s., vii. 4.5-50. —

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that people could not very well be quite the same after

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the operation had she any recollection whatever. The condition illustrated in

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dromic period, the previous health having been apparently good, is incident

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tional body and the profession of the state. Now that the

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day he got effervescing draughts, and began to complain of cough. —

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i*' Herzog ; Miinchener med. Wochenschr., April 5, 1898.

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incipient flat foot is made, or a roentgen-ray examination is made

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both cases, mention is only made of "a trifling separation of the

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5. The hypothesis that pellagra is caused by a deficiency is very

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