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their pain, the strange incoherency of their delirium have called loudly for
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steel from the vitreous by the magnet. Boston M. & S. J.,
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encysted tumour ; and in one remarkable case of strumous
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synergistic action of detergent, chelating agent, and wet-
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to be used in tying ligatiires (see Fig. 24) ; not the granny-knot (see
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pointment dated Oct. 15, 1897, your board of visitors to the State Normal
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waiters. It is needless, after mentioning this fact, to state that the
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*• S e’Sebe’S, H. 87 ge, inserted after firet writing in B.
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mucus corpuscles. This is a somewhat erroneous notion. It
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friction sound over the heart, which always coincides
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may be noted ; and also, as an irritative phenomenon, the so-called
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"As a further result of the inquiry it becomes clear that the percentage
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ized redness above the joint nearest the site of the wound.
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dividing the branch of the pulmonary artery leading to the left lung, a fil>rou3
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atrophied portion of the head of the first phalanx is brought
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nell operated on a patient of his, and he mentioned Dr. McDonnell's name
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Paraly.sis, it may be inferred from the statements already made, is an
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Discussion. Dr. W. B. Gossett: I saw this woman for the first time
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about this period for a worm to become full grown. Should
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the importance of a fat soluble A and a water and alcohol soluble
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17. Lepine. P^ev. mens, de mM. et chir. December 1877. — 18. Leyden. Archivfii/r
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seems probable that this theory is the correct one; hence, in cases
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symptomatic, and microscopical — finds nothing that
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Thibieege. — " Dermatoses eonsecutives aux maladies des reins," Annates de
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ance of septic intoxication in surgical patients. It is
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from the stomach, or directly from without, and, being lined by ciliiB, a con-
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capacity of the abdomen is increased and the intra-abdominal
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"White Tooth Paste. 1. (French.) Orris, sal ammoniac, cream
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to explain. His treatment now is to use an injection of 10
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" Van Ermenger, Zeit. f. Hi/g., xxvi, 1897. -'» Kempner, Das .\ntitoxin des
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appeared in the circulation, and these necessarily must have traversed
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felt that a satisfactory study of the pathology of the
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of the central retinal vessels often give a history of previous

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