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obtained for the same serials obtained by the neutralization

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and the margins apposed with interrupted sutures, preferably

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coccus. This group, although including only twenty-six per cent

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Merritt, Mettler, and Putnam. Blakiston Co., Phila-

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partment reports of unusual and interesting cases which may be

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which we are all at a loss to know just what is the cause, and just

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. . . The motion was seconded by Dr. Cary, and car-

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the genital infections interfering with reproduction. In this

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it enlarges laterally, backward, and upward toward the bladder,

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veterinary services, and if present conditions do not change

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Kans. He holds the position of Instructor in Veterinarj- Serum Therapy

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Birth, retarded, red line around funis as a sign of, 66.

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We have, however, the two groups remaining, with some exceptions which

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fever had subsided considerably, pain not so acute, but

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the fourteenth day of pregnancy the eyes were examined by an

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porci (B. erysipelatis suis) in the skin of hogs affected with

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accepted by society or the individual’s ego is re-

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dose has been 20, but in those cases which from the sever-

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I have, as yet, examined but few pathological speci-

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earliest practical moment I turned and delivered the

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of the work is the gradual expansion of the area plan. This plan has proved

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all, she had seven, doses of bacterin, three injections of chlorco-

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guarded and take into account the tendency to remissions

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up to the high average established b}' those of the past. The

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biologies are efficient, whereas others are in the experimental

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Some of these cases presented, in addition, a soft dark or black

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assembly reside in its community. Are they among your friends? Are they favorably

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The use of typhoid “H” antigen, as described by

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During the afternoon session of the first day several very fine

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went to his office and I left the slides for him. He came up to see me some

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accustomed to our methods of feeding and confinement. Such

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Sober evaluation of all these factors is necessary,

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cinated with one dose before chicken pox appeared. No cases

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ous cures performed by it when the inferior oils had been tried without effect- We make no claim to any secret

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a united front on any objectionable legislation that

fragmin 5000 precio

lous reference to past records. A man who serves five years in

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ascertain the source of these cases, investigations were instituted which dis-

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benefit from a two grain pill of turpentine, ter die, in

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tion of small, budding growths in the ducts, called

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Dr. Harry F. Kern (Colo. '11), who has been in the Philippine service for

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As has been done repeatedly it may be disposed of by the sale

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The quantit}^ of vitamins present is not always the same in

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considering an amendment of the Gonstitution. This Associa-

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cle, in its omission of venesection, does not by any

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5 — A. M. Mitchell, Terre Haute.. . .. Dec. 31, 1948


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to act as sources of infection, and also a few new cases continually

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