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images are made very definite and clear. If the lens is ap
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ances are sometimes not found the wonder truly is that they should
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and thickets below m. common and widely distributed in the Philippines.
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habits. The udders of the cows are thoroughly washed
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calomel and soda followed by a purgative to produce
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tests has been reported in a recent number of the Deutsche
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initial bradycardia had disappeared. It is not surprising there
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the frame has sometimes thrown off and yet preserved itself harm
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tourniquet or the presence of vascular disturbance
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and may not be then the seat of pain and tenderness. A
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its frequency among lunatics. I give this number with all
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to the sciatica cress which it slightly resembles. If the root
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sion to a direct injury from a single impulse modified by
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finger of her left hand also lubricated ascertains the entrance to the
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Synon. Paropsis amaurosis Immobilitas Pupillae Gutta serena Cataracta nigra Drop
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troublesome consequences irrespective of age temperament and sex.
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tion let the picture be sent for and you will find the young
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those who are hurting. We meet those challenges every
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was detached in aUke from anatomy and from the practice of
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lishes a quarterly Conparative Pathology Bulletin to pronote cannunication
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first attack and loss of sight follows often in one or two months.
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and in creating awareness of its opportunities as well as its
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beside our own. At the outset we must acknowledge that other arts and
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of the affected breast make a hole in the centre large enough
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the possibilities of infection from this source and some surgeons have even
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Under thisrhead may be noted the simple forms of conjuncti
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ened to two hours day and night. If the prostration is extreme it
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three parts of rye meal he finds that the richness of bread in
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eruption such as those found in the prodromal stage
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Read before the Kings County Medical Society September .
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in most cases at the time of dentition. It may appear however
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ing she could not long survive in her then condition
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bably in relation with the associated cardiac and hepatic conditions.
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as a curative measure is strong a priori evidence of
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different women at widely separated dates have general paresis. In
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erous places with small deposits averaging the size of a pin s
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may be introduced through a comparatively small and

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