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Before anyone tries to fathom why use profile backlinks, it is necessary to understand what pr9 backlinks are. Profile backlinks are a technical term that is only associated with social media, social networks and other forums or blogs where a user would have an active profile in the network or in the system.  Pr9 Profile backlinks do not have any existence in general online advertising, website optimization or affiliate marketing. However, it is closely linked with search engine optimization.

pr9 backlinksProfile backlinks are simply links that are posted on anywhere on the internet which can redirect the user who clicks on the links to the main profile page or the targeted webpage. For instance, you have a profile on Facebook or Google + wherein you operate a business page or fan page. The URL to your business page, fan page or your profile page can be embedded in a link and pasted on specific pages, public forums or groups on Facebook and Google + wherefrom you would get people to click on the links and get redirected to your business page, fan page or social media profile. These links are known as profile backlinks.


Why Use pr9 Backlinks?

The simple answer to why use profile backlinks is because it helps you to get more traffic to your profile or webpage and it helps in getting a better search engine page rank on major search engines.
The likes of Google and other search engines keep a record of how many links are available in the virtual space that redirect to a particular site or webpage. In this case, the search engine algorithms look for all backlinks that redirect users to your profile or webpage. The more links you have and the more relevant redirects you get, the better ranking you get on search engine results.
But you must ensure a few aspects while creating and posting profile backlinks. They should be posted on relevant pages, the content of the links should be optimized and the profile page or the webpage users would be redirected to should be relevant to the page where the links were posted.

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